What is Fashion all about?


Fashion varies from person to person, and so it is a difficult term to define. While for some, it may mean the latest in clothing and accessories, but for others it may mean the ease with which you carry off clothes and feel comfortable in them. You don’t need to wear revealing or expensive clothes to be fashionable. You can look just as fashionable with your body covered. In fact, fashion is...

Rewarding little ones for good behavior


A reward is a result a child receives when he or she behaves well. It is a nice way of saying “well done” or “good job” when your child has behaved in a pleasing way. A reward could be in the form of saying something positive, or giving your child an ice cream or a surprise treat or granting an extra benefit like allowing your child to choose a special meal for lunch or dinner. When you...

Teaching empathy to the little ones


It is very vital to teach our children empathy but before we get into our topic in detail let us look at the meaning of empathy. What does empathy mean? Definition of Empathy Empathy is defined as the ability to understand another person’s feeling or to getting to understand the circumstances they are in. In simple words, empathy means to be a human being who is sensitive to the needs of others...

What is luxurious life according to today’s kids


We live in a fast paced, consumeristic society. Today a person’s perceived value is defined by the kind of brands they wear, the high-end gadgets they use, the amount of disposable money they have to spend, the car or bike they drive in or even the number of ‘Like’s’ one gets on social media network. Everyone wants to live a luxurious life be it an adult or a child. They feel that if they do not...

Dream about studying abroad


Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity that not everyone can experience. Many dream about studying abroad and at the same time, they are also apprehensive about studying outside India. Along with advantages, you need to be prepared to face the challenges of venturing into the unknown as well.  A holistic understanding of what entails if you aspire to study abroad will equip you to take...

Body strong, mind stronger- need of the hour for children


The physical and mental development of children are very important for their wholesome well being. In todays competitive world, children are bogged down with so much study and competition that there is not enough time to play or for other extra curricular activities. We concentrate only on their academic excellence and tend to neglect other areas. The immediate need of the hour for children is a...

Family Time for Bonding


“The most important thing is the world is family and love” – John Wooden A family is a very precious element of the society. It basically comprises of parents and their children or people who share common ancestors. Family time is the quality time a family spends together where connections and deep healthy relationships are developed. It plays an important role in strengthening and keeping the...

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling vs. Use and Throw


We are rapidly running out of place to throw our waste. Each year, we humans generate tons and tons of waste in the form of plastic, garbage, paper, metals and much more. The need of the hour is now to reuse and recycle our goods so that the earth does not turn into a huge pile of waste. Each one of us has a role play in reducing the amount of waste we generate. Whether you are at school, or home...

Withdrawal symptoms in children and their causes


Withdrawal symptoms are physical and emotional symptoms that occur after one tries to stop or overcome an addiction. We have heard of withdrawal symptoms in adults but it is surprising to find that children too suffer from them. Like adults, children also suffer from different forms of addiction. As children are very naive, many a times they do not realise the consequences of what they are...

Safety Measure to be taught to Children


The safety of a child is the primary concern of any parent. As children are very innocent and vulnerable, they are prone to danger from the environment and society around them. Therefore it is essential to educate children about the importance of safety. When children are toddlers, parents or elders are always around them, watching their every step. But this is not practical when the child grows...

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