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Technology In School Education – A tool or a distraction


Technology is everywhere, be it to order food, for banking or research and many more. Almost everyone has a smartphone and many have a digital presence. A toddler watching cartoons and nursery rhymes on tablets and laptops is not uncommon these days. So one should not be surprised to find traditional classrooms with blackboard, chalk, and books now introducing smart boards, tablets, and computers...

Positive Parenting – A relation of trust and mutual respect


Positive parenting, also known as loving or gentle guidance, is a set of guidelines for parents to keep their kids disciplined. It is also a belief and a way of living. The main objective of positive parenting is to build a strong and committed relationship between parents and children based on open communication and mutual respect. There are three major parts to positive parenting: Parents set...

Multiple Intelligences: Identifying and nurturing them in your ward


Every parent wishes that their child is intelligent and smarter than the rest. However, each child is different and have their own sets of skills and talents. While some children are good at academics others are good at sports, music, and dramatics or even cooking. Raising a child to be intelligent is all about making a child reach their full potential. The experiences and exercises that the...

Importance of Physical Education- A healthy mind resides in a healthy body


Physical education is not considered an important part of education by many schools across India today. Schools do not realize the importance of including physical education as part of the curriculum. The focus is more about scoring marks and clearing entrance exams. Not surprisingly, many children lead sedentary lifestyles and obesity in children is on the rise. Good quality physical education...

Grooming your kids for the future


All parents want their kids to be happy, courageous, independent and successful. You would also want them to get more out of life than you did. Channelling your child’s future is in your hands. You can help model your child’s future by providing them with the skills needed to equip them to lead a good and successful life. So, how do you start? Here are a few suggestions on how you can help your...

Empowering young learners – How to encourage children to learn new things


Children have a general tendency to learn. They are born curious and are always exploring, finding out new things, discovering, detecting and learning. However, while children are very open to learning new things, there are some who are very resistant to learn anything new. Learning new things is often perceived as coming out of the comfort zone, doing the unfamiliar and unpredictable task...

All Round Development – Grades are not the only measure of your child’s success


The key purpose of education is to prepare your child for the future. This means that children should be taught the necessary life skills required to survive in this rapidly changing world. Therefore the emphasis of education must be on the all-round development of a child and not just getting good grades. James Parker, Professor and Canada Research Chair in Emotion and Health at Trent University...

Adolescence: Coping with teenagers


The word Adolescence is derived from the Latin word adolescere, which means to grow up. This is a phase where teenagers experience physical and psychological changes. Adolescence can be a tough time for both parents and teenagers as they can find adolescence as a period of change and confusion. Though these years can be difficult for both sides, yet there is a lot that parents can do to nurture...

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