• Affiliated to CBSE

  • (Bandlaguda - Old No: 130377 / New No: 3630159)
    (Kandlakoya - Old No: 130341 / New No: 3630139)

T.I.M.E. School

Instilling Values. Nurturing Excellence.

"At T.I.M.E. School our approach is guided by traditional values - strong leadership, good teachers, proven teaching methods, comprehensive curriculum and all-round education.

T.I.M.E. School brings all these vital ingredients together in a manner that preserves the spirit of education and makes a powerful positive impact on children. The most successful students understand fundamentals and know how to apply them at the right time. We understand that the fundamentals of education and know how is to apply it so that student become confident achievers in all walks of life."


Our vision is to impart the highest quality education by providing an inspiring and conducive learning environment that helps bring out the best in every child and helps in the holistic development of the child.


Our endeavor is to help nurture talent and create responsible successful socially and environmentally conscious individuals striving for excellence in their chosen fields with a commitment to society.

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