Solid Education

T.I.M.E. School focuses on academic learning and understands its importance in making your child an achiever. A wide variety of teaching methodologies are used to make every child understand concepts not just as a piece of text but by aiding him/ her to find their connection with real life situations. We believe that learning requires the active and constructive involvement of the learner. Every concept that your child learns at T.I.M.E. School is paired with a related activity or a real world example. This ensures that the child understands the concepts well and also remembers them.

Our Teachers

We choose our teachers very carefully, selecting only qualified and experienced people who are approachable, enthusiastic, nurturing. In addition, all teachers demonstrate an ability to transfer knowledge and are dedicated individuals who are progressive in outlook and polite in demeanour. Our teachers also undergo regular training to strengthen their inherent teaching prowess.

Individual Care and Attention

Each child has unique strengths and needs and our teachers are trained to provide individual attention and adapt their teaching style to suit the needs of every student by a keen observation of the interests and learning styles of each child. We maintain an appropriate teacher-student ratio in all classes to ensure ease of the teacher-student interaction.

All round development

Though academic education is the primary focus at T.I.M.E. School, we understand the importance of extra-curricular activities in the overall development of the child. The holistic development of the child is given importance by including artistic, physical, spiritual and emotional growth. A T.I.M.E. School student is a versatile person who displays confidence and sensitivity to needs of the environment.